Downsize without Compromise

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The Downsizers' Dilemma

Retired and living in a large house, asset rich but cash poor ?

Looking for a luxurious single-level dwelling with : large open plan rooms, manageable outside space, low bills and easy maintenance?

In the past, downsizing meant a bungalow or retirement home complex. Unfortunately many bungalows have been redeveloped, and the typical retirement home is usually far away, with expensive service charges and  limited personal space.

This is the “Downsizers' Dilemma” - how to find an attractive, suitable smaller home, close to  friends and family,  to be able to  release equity, fund a better lifestyle, and maybe even help your children.

The Rosefield Concept

Our mission is to transform Downsizers’ lifestyle through the opportunity to live in comfort and style within the community they love.

Rosefield homes provide large, open-plan  single-level living spaces.  They come very well-equipped, have private outside gardens, and are close to local community services.

Each also has their own front door, are easy to lock-up-and-leave for extended breaks, and will be delightful to return to.

There is ample storage space for your treasured possessions and memories - something that many downsizing options lack.

Find out how we are solving the Downsizers' dilemma in our first development in the Surrey village of Rowledge...

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